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Parched Movie Review - One of a kind movie!


I still remember the movie "Masaan" and today another masterpiece of the same genre "Parched".

Today I will share the complete movie review of Parched!

This week release and premiered at the Special Presentations section of the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival.

Leading Star Cast: 

  1. Radhika Apte as Lajjo
  2. Tannishtha Chatterjee as Rani
  3. Surveen Chawla as Bijli

What is this movie all about?

It's a story based on the life of 3 ladies. Lajjo, Rani and Bijli. They all are close friends and struggling at the same time. 'Lajjo' is known to have a sterile (infertile) body and as a result she is unable to bear a child till date. At the same time, 'Rani' is also married and is having a son named "'Gulab' yet she is a widow. 'Bijli' works in a Dance Company and was referred to as a Prostitute.

The movie Parched is about the difficulties these women face in their life and how their individual efforts contributed in the Happy Ending.

Moreover, the triumph of good over evil was also delivered as a message.

What is so unique about this movie?

Parched movie depicts a typical rural life where "Dowry" is still in practice, men usually beats his wife everyday, no access to Television and the only source of entertainment is one Dance Company.
Village where Panchayat Raj is still in practice. 

Though most of the scenes of Parched were linked to nudity. Story of the movie is recent because of two reasons:

Rani used to have a conversation with one guy who usually refer himself as Shahrukh Khan and the ringtone of Rani's phone was "Bidi Jalai Le" as the song is not that old :P


The movie starts with Lajjo and Rani visit to a neighbourhood village to fix the marriage of Rani's son "Gulab". Lajjo, Rani and Bijli all are childhood friends.

Lajjo husband Manoj used to beat her everyday and was an alcohol addict.

Kishan, the most educated person in the village works for some embroidery company. Most of the women of the village work in the craft team owned by Kishan and he pays all of them.

Kishan is married to one north eastern girl named Naobi who was seen as a foreigner in the small village.

Bijli is beautiful and fair among all the three ladies. She works in a Dance Company and as a prostitute at the same time. Having clients everyday and the competition from a new girl in the Dance Company was the only matter of concern for her.

After the marriage of Gulab, the story took a drastic change. Janaki, the wife of Gulab, was seen as a negative character as Rani mother-in-law died because of Janaki presence in the house.

And this happened because of the short hair of Janaki and even Rani came to know about this on the day of marriage.

Gulab started drinking because of this dilemma and he rarely come to house anymore.

On the other hand, one thought of Bijli that Lajjo might be fertile as there can be a problem in Lajjo's husband named Manoj and hence the blame is shifting on to Lajjo.

So, Lajjo decided to have a sex with an unknown person (Bijli's friend) and she became pregnant. The entire fault was in Lajjo's husband as he was the sterile.

This is not the end, Rani life grew worse as her son left her one day and the debt to pay the loan was increasing day by day. So she sold the house and made her son's wife live happily with another child.

On the day of Dussehra, because of the fight between Lajjo and her husband, Manoj dress caught fire and the entire house burnt into ashes. 

Bijli who was also unhappy with her life and decided to flew off with rest of the friends. Now they are all living happily like never before.

Win of good over evil as they all have freed themselves from the atrocities.


Either you name it "Baisaa" or "Mai Re Mai" both are mesmerising tracks.

The songs reflect the tradition that is still prevailing in the Rural Area of India.

My Verdict

PARCHED movie is definitely a nice movie to watch. The story can be somehow related to women empowerment. Three stories and how they fight in each of them. Win of Good over Evil is also highlighted. 

Few nude scenes of Radhika Apte and Surveen Chawla can affect the movie but overall it's a good movie. 

Watch only if you like SLO-MO movies that are made only with a focus to highlight something, particularly a message to be given to the society. 

Go and explore the Rural life. 

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